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MEDICINE IN MOTION (MIM) is the premier on site sports medicine service providing medical care to athletes participating in any sporting/athletic event, big or small. Below are just a few highlights of the many attributes MIM can provide at your event.

Medical Coverage

Successfully organize medical coverage for any event regardless of size on a national or international level.

Event's Needs

Thoroughly assess an event's medical needs, including venue size, location, number of participants and the medical staff needed to correspond.

Customized Staff

Customize a medical staff to fit the demands of each event from a national pool of Physicians, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants, Athletic Trainers, and Emergency Medical Personnel.

Emergency Plan

Develop and implement an Emergency Action Plan specific to each venue's location and size.

On-site Coverage

Provide on-site medical coverage, including emergency first response, preventative services (taping, stretching, icing, heating), injury evaluation and assessment, initial treatment and rehabilitation recommendations.

Team Coordination

Coordinate with local emergency medical services (EMS) and hospitals to create a seamless transition from venue to definitive care.

Limited Liability

Limitation of liability due to MIM's professional liability insurance policy covering its staff of medical professionals.

Our Providers

MEDICINE IN MOTION (MIM) works with highly skilled sports medicine professionals.

Medicine In Motion In Action!

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What our client says

Our clients are our greatest asset and the driving force behind our business. Read what our valued customers have to say about Medicine In Motion's sport medicine event services.

"Thanks to Robb and Clay at these events for providing care and support to help us in need when we are sore, tight or injured... These guys are the best and we all appreciate your help with all the athletes!!!! Thanks for everything:)"

-Steve Caballero / Professional Skateboarder

"MIM came to Brazil for the 2012 Mega Ramp. We're skateboarding one event after the next. We can't do this without MIM here because we know they can get the job done. Thanks."

-Bob Burnquist / Professional Skateboarder

"MIM came to the VANS Pro-Tec Pool Party. I'm really stoked about what MIM is doing here. Concrete really tears up the bodies of these athletes and these guys fix them up and get them back into the contest. Big thanks to the MIM guys."

-Dave Duncan / Professional Skateboarder