ATSU Alum represents at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Alum to the 2014 Winter Olympics as team physical ther..

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Robb Blackaby represents MIM at the 2014 Winter Olympics

By Jeff Metcalfe azcentral sportsSun Feb 9, 2014..

Robb Blackaby represents MIM at the 2014 Winter Olympics


azcentral sportsSun Feb 9, 2014 8:36 PM

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia - Robb Blackaby figured he could check the Olympics off his bucket list after working on the U.S. Olympic Committee training staff at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games.

But when the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association unexpectedly found itself in need of a physical therapist/trainer six weeks ago, Blackaby of Phoenix got the call for his second Olympics.

Now, Blackaby is here helping to keep Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark and five other U.S. snowboarders healthy for halfpipe competition beginning Tuesday. All eyes are on White, the two-time men’s halfpipe gold medalist, who dropped out of snowboard slopestyle due to a wrist injury and concerns about that course.

“I’ve known Shaun for over 10 years now,” said Blackaby, who treats all athletes at the X Games through his Medicine in Motion company. “You just have to find the scheduling to get in to work with him, because he’s so busy and (there’s) so much demand for him.

“I’ve worked with a lot of high-profile folks, and I just have to remember it’s a body and I know how to treat it. It’s just being confident in my skills.”

Blackaby, 42, is an Arizona native, attending Camelback High and theUniversity of Arizona. He worked in Fort Collins, Colo., from 1998 to 2002 and on the PGA Tour in 2004. He and his wife, Corrie, opened the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale in 2009.

Being a snowboarder himself helps him work with the world’s elite.

“It helps with that rapport, then that leads to trust,” he said. “Knowing the lingo, the terminology, the mechanism of tricks, all of that just puts them at a little bit more comfort. They’re a slightly different breed, right? And to be able to blend with them, all of a sudden it’s a pretty quick bond.”

White’s wrist injury aside, Blackaby said the majority of what he does with snowboarders is work on hips and lower backs.

“If they don’t land just right in transition and they land lower down towards the flat bottom, there are so many compressive forces that can go up the chain, and all of a sudden they start having low-back tightness and stiffness,” he said. “I really try to free up their back and their hips, and that helps them move better.”

Clark is 30 and White 27 in a sport where elite athletes are having longer and more lucrative careers, for sure in White’s case, than once imaginable.

“It’s still growing momentum, and they’ve just added slopestyle for the first time in the Olympics,” Blackaby said. “Stands are packed, and people are cheering like crazy. It’s continually heading in the right in terms of popularity. It took skateboarding a long time to really get going. Snowboarding seems to have caught on fairly quickly. It’s great to see all the fans out here supporting it.”

Blackaby returns to Arizona on Thursday and will keep up with the remainder of the Olympics on TV, including the U.S. women’s hockey team that he became an immediate fan of after meeting players on the way here.

“That’s a cool balance,” he said of watching where he just was in person. “I go back to my real job and try to bathe my wife (and two young children) in gifts.”


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Steve Caballero
Professional Skateboarder
Thanks to Robb and Clay at these events for providing care and support to help us in need when we are sore, tight or injured... These guys are the best and we all appreciate your help with all the athletes!!!! Thanks for everything:) 
Bob Burnquist / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM came to Brazil for the 2012 Mega Ramp. We're skateboarding one event after the next. We can't do this without MIM here because we know they can get the job done. Thanks."
Dave Duncan / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM came to the VANS Pro-Tec Pool Party. I'm really stoked about what MIM is doing here. Concrete really tears up the bodies of these athletes and these guys fix them up and get them back into the contest. Big thanks to the MIM guys."
Gretchen Bleiler / Professional Snowboarder
"Clay is a great guy; he knows his stuff and is awesome at it. It’s nice to know he is there in case something happens."
Elliot Sloan / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM is here in Rio de Janeiro's 2012 Mega Ramp. These guys are making sure we stay healthy and have a good contest. Thanks guys!"