Robb Blackaby, DPT, PT, ATC, CFMT
Co-founder of Medicine in Motion, LLC
Kelsey Leach, ATC
Athletic Trainer at San Luis High School, San Luis AZ
Diana Padilla, MS, ATC, EMT
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Arizona State University

Medicine in Motion is the proud sports medicine provider for X Games Global Events, Vans Skateboarding competitions, Megaramp events, and the Arizona High School Cycling League.

Steve Caballero
Professional Skateboarder
Thanks to Rob and Clay at these events for providing care and support to help is in need when we are sore, tight or injured... These guys are the best and we all appreciate your help with all the athletes!!!! Thanks for everything:) 
Bob Burnquist / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM came to Brazil for the 2012 Mega Ramp. We're skateboarding one event after the next. We can't do this without MIM here because we know they can get the job done. Thanks."
Dave Duncan / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM came to the VANS Pro-Tec Pool Party. I'm really stoked about what MIM is doing here. Concrete really tears up the bodies of these athletes and these guys fix them up and get them back into the contest. Big thanks to the MIM guys."
Gretchen Bleiler / Professional Snowboarder
"Clay is a great guy; he knows his stuff and is awesome at it. It’s nice to know he is there in case something happens."
Elliot Sloan / Professional Skateboarder
"MIM is here in Rio de Janeiro's 2012 Mega Ramp. These guys are making sure we stay healthy and have a good contest. Thanks guys!"